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Divya Nagar, Khorabar Gorakhpur
Divya Nagar, Khorabar Gorakhpur

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ABC Public school is an innovative and creative day school in Gorakhpur was founded by the great humanitarian Mr. Ram Ashish Mishra in June 1996. We believe that education should be joyful experience and your philosophy is that each child is unique and has his/her own unique strengths.

A lot of emphasis is given to personality development and each child is lovingly mentored to find his/her niche.

Our USP is our experienced and caring teaching team. We have a very high teacher/thought ratio as we believe individual attention is the key to a meaningful learning experience. We groom our children to be global citizens with high regards for Indian culture and values. Where learning become a fun field-journey of discovery.


We firmly believe that education is a joyful, lifelong process based on solid academic foundation. Our holistic education program prepares children for life. The child is the center of all our considerations. The school strives to teach children to respect and internalize their own culture and the diversity of the cultures that exist around them. The need for a school Like ABC Public School.

It is clear that generally school everywhere are too often large and impersonal, wedded to outdate ideologies and teaching methodologies. Children pass out each year from school with half-baked bookish knowledge, stamped with fatigue and boredom, unable to explore their full potential due to a strait jacketed approach.

The foundered of ABC public School feel that there needs to be truthful and real contact between teacher and students. The classes need to be small and intimate. The focus in each class should be on ideas, debate and comprehension over blind dependence on lecture, notes and memory.

The children at ABC Public School have the opportunity to work with mentors the know and respect and who know and respect them. The nature beauty of the school campus and conducive learning averment inspire all of us to appreciate and adopt what is natural, simple and true. We more easily remember who we are and what is truly important.

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