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Divya Nagar, Khorabar Gorakhpur

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Principal Desk

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Abc Public School family. Established in 1996, our school is proud of its great traditions and eminent alumni.

Our Mission

Abc Public School offers opportunities for students to achieve excellence in academic, cultural, sporting and community service endeavours, within an inclusive environment, conductive to learning, teaching and friendship.

Our Vision

Abc Public School strives for excellence in our academic and co-curricular programs. Our school community endeavors to be responsive, inclusive and proactive in our planning and strategies, in order to meet the challenges of maximizing the academic potential and personal growth of our gifted students. High is an open, welcoming and supportive learning community. We set ourselves high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them. We pride ourselves on offering multiple co-curricular activities for all students.

By 2014 our school intends to become recognized as the premier public school Centre of opportunity for students to advance their learning and enhance their personal development. Excellent performance is not an exception, but an expectation at High, We have set goal lines for our students to reach as well as side lines for them to operate within. We exhort our students to drive themselves towards personal best performance, but demonstrate to them that achievement is shaped within procedural limits and ethical boundaries. To provide opportunities for all, we review and expand our curriculum offerings, our range of student-created assessment products and our community service and social justice programs. We refine and develop our leadership programs, annually. We differential and enhance our wellbeing programs in the Senior and Junior schools in response to students’ needs. We are buildings support strategies for students through individual mentoring, small group tutoring and pull-out programs provided by specialists.

Quality may be defined as ‘fitness for purpose’ and requires a context and a means of measurement. Our teachers are well-informed, inclusive, equitable and willing to demonstrate a belief in all their students. We empower our teachers with the training and resources they need to deliver high quality, 21st century, teaching and learning experiences, to bring out the best in our students. Our teachers are prepared effectively to plan for and program the national Curriculum as it is phased in. We employ an evidence-based approach to improving teacher quality, centred in a standards-based career framework and a locally-filtered rubric for judgment of professional actions. We believe in collaboration and cooperation in teaching and learning.

The focus for gifted education is clear. We need an internationalist perspective to interpret and respond to the emerging globalization of commerce, citizenship and political ideas. Our students will acquire awareness and appreciation of the biological revolution in which scientists look inwards into nature for new products and processes. Our staff and students are adjusting to the next phase of the IT revolution-interacting in the ‘cloud’ and living with social networking. Knowledge economy people need cutting edge competencies, imagination, fast reactions and strong competitive streak. We nurture future-fit minds that are creative, disciplined, synthesizing, respectful and ethical, Responsible global citizens will be expected to think for themselves, to understand global issues in a sympathetic and sensitive manner, and to develop an empathetic imagination to see the world from multiple perspectives and to appreciate and tolerate differing voices.

Personalizing teaching and learning will be our greatest challenge. The more that we can tailor curriculum delivery and professional development to meet individual needs, the more we will maximize opportunity for our students. There will be more choice for all-choice about what to learn when to learn it and how to demonstrate that learning. The High community is committed to maximizing opportunity for everyone in our community by utlising best practice strategies in a collaborative, cooperative and supportive environment.

God bless and all the best!

Mrs. Pragya Mishra

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